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Dance Video Tutorials

It's time to practice for our 5th Grade Function on May 17th. Select the link to practice the dances using Ms. Tee's video tutorials.


All Groups:

The Masterpiece Combo

I Believe


Other dance tutorials:

Din Daa Daa

Funky Fresh

Jersey Slide  

Dance to the Beat

Music Video Tutorial

Select the link to practice using Mr. Theo's video tutorial.


The Masterpiece Clap

Fifth Grade Art Residencies

The Fifth Grade Art Residencies’ mission is to expand the creative problem solving abilities of our older elementary students.  Participating resident artists bring their individual artistic skill sets into the classroom with the goal of engaging students to learn through a creative lens.  The artists provide a different perspective than our credentialed arts teachers, creating a richer arts experience for our students. By using a variety art forms, the program aims to expand the students’ understanding that learning is not a singular activity.  Each year’s theme is based the themes and messages inherent in the professionals’ work.  The themes interconnect with important periods of history and the influence of the arts on our lives. 

For 2017-2018 we are excited to once again provide our 5th grade students the opportunity to work with professional artists in a 6 week artist in residency.  Our theme for this year is Eye Am a Masterpiece. This year’s resident artists are Milton Bowens (Visual Artist), Trouble McNeal (Spoken Word Poet), Theo Scott-Femenella (Musician) and Tee Sandifer (Dancer).