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In Twin Rivers Unified School District, we believe that the arts (visual arts, music, dance and theater) are fundamentally important to education.  Arts education is required by both the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and our state legislation for every child, every day, in every classroom.  As part of a comprehensive education for our students, visual and performing arts instruction is provided through certificated arts teachers.  Arts integration is a key approach to teaching that engages student and allows them to make connections between subject areas.   Students have access to the arts before, during, and after school, district-wide.

The district’s Visual and Performing Arts Department supports the development and implementation of high quality arts education by training, consulting and strategically planning with teachers, administrators, schools and community members.  Partnerships between the visual and performing arts department and community arts organizations allow visiting artists to share their expertise and experience in the classroom.  Our partnerships continue to grow to include the Kennedy Center’s Any Given Child Program, Partners in Education and Artist-In-Resident development and residences, Carnegie Hall’s Link-Up program and GLOBE Education.  We also provide a rich array of professional development for teachers and administrators designed to enhance their classroom practice and to inspire them as creative leaders. 


Decades of research show strong and consistent links between high-quality arts education and a wide range of impressive educational outcomes. —President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities